Acupuncture Points:

Figure 1: Anterior View of Meridians
Figure 2: Posterior View of Meridians
Figure 3: Lateral View of Meridians
Figure 4: Meridians of the Head

Figure 3: Lateral View of Meridians



Notes: Points KI 1, DU 28, and HT 1 cannot be seen in this figure KI 1 is located on the sole of the foot at the depression that appears dring plantar flexion (at the junction of the anterior third and posterior two-thirds of the line connecting the base of the second and third toes and the heel) DU 28 is located under the upper lip, at the junction of the labial frenulum and upper gum HT 1 is located at the apex of the axillary fossa, just medial to the axillary artery.


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